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About Us

Entertainment For You (EFY), is an independent label started in the fall of 1995. EFY records release its first artist and single in April of 1996. Right in the heatwave of Lil John and the east side boyz, “Get Crunk, Who U Wit”. From the buzz and networking, the project was in full motion, we were being invited to new artist listening parties, backstage of the American Music Awards 2001, and one of the artist and owner was on the voting board for the recording academy. EFY Records became close to the Grammys and had multiple opportunities to network with industry associates.  Creating a great opportunity to build and strengthen the foundation for EFY Records. As of today, we have a diverse genre of music promoting artists such as Touchdown, Qrucial, G10, Relax, and 9G, with others to come.

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